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  • 100% Aronia Aronia juice Regional of the Coswiger plantations
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Product Description

Aronia juice 100%

What is Aroniasaft?

Originally the aronia berry from North America. It is particularly rich in red and blue plant pigments. The sun-ripened, aromatic berries from controlled organic cultivation are very gently pressed and processed without additives. The Aroniasaft impresses with its intense, dark color and unique, slightly bitter taste.
AR040 - Aronia Regional
Long description:
Our popular regional juice of Coswiger plantations is now available in a handy 0.33l
Amber glass bottle purchased. The special climate of the Elbe is this 100% juice
his own, harmonious taste.
The berries of this juice come from the greatest German Aroniaplantage Western Europe. The approximately
40 hectares are managed in natural cultivation and are currently in the
Transition phase to organic certification. Nature-based cultivation means that neither synthetic
Fertilizers and pesticides are used.
With the 330ml bottle you have an ideal amount of juice - even knowing. Enjoy
the Aroniasaft the Elbplantagen best during or after eating. The bottle should after
Dawn stored in the refrigerator and used within 7 days.

Ingredients: 100% aronia juice
* From organic planting
Quality parameters:
- Gluten free
- Lactose-Free
- Vegetarian, vegan
- No Preservatives
- Not containing added flavoring
- Gmo
- Not containing added sugar
- Without the addition of dyes

Verzehrempfelung: Daily drink about 100ml mix well with other juices and spread throughout the day.

Product information provided by aronia original. Variations and modifications are reserved by aronia original!

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Anonymous wrote at 01/21/2013:
Hello! All the items I bought are excellent (or was - my daughter loves chocolate, so they disappear soon :)). After I finish the aronia juice, will for sure order more. Thank you. Have a nice day. Przemyslaw K. from Luxembourg
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