Cranberry Juice 100% Juice 1000ml


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  • rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals
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Cranberry Juice 100% Juice 1000ml

The cranberry is a creeping on the ground shrub up to 1m long roots and tendrils.
The flowers are pinkish-white with reflexed petals and widely retracted petals. Therefore, they awaken a beak-like impression.
The fruit is a cherry or olive and ovate.

In Germany cranberries increasingly be used as a baking ingredient, since they stand out against by their bitter-sour flavor of other ingredients. As an example, the replacement of the usual raisins should be mentioned in Weihnachtsstollen.

Versatile and high nutritional value they fit perfectly into the modern international cuisine: Cranberries taste as a snack, in salads, yogurt and dessert or as a sauce for meat. With the berries you can bake and cook the juice you can drink pure, mix or shake. The variety of cranberries is infinite.

Studies, scientists have now found that the risk of uropathy by daily consumption of 300 ml cranberry juice 58% reduziert.Schon a few cranberries reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth. A bacteria-inhibiting effect reduces the formation of dental plaque, the main cause of Zahnfleischentzündungen.Cranberries are considered very healthy fruit. They contain no cholesterol, no fat and are low in sodium. Many cranberry products may contain fiber and certain vitamins, as well as a variety of herbal ingredients that have a positive effect on health.

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