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Discover Goji (Ch. Gou Qi Zi), a small berry with a big impact!

The advance of the Goji berry is unstoppable!
For years, the berry in America is considered the anti-aging remedy par excellence.
Famous Hollywood Stars appreciate the goji fruit for years!
In Europe, the goji berry is becoming increasingly popular.
The goji berry, Gou Qi Zi in Chinese (qi "chi" pronounced) is referred to in their native China as "happy" fruit: for there is one firm belief that eating this fruit the people in the state of great satisfaction was added.
Thus, the goji berry contains, for example, 4,000 percent more antioxidants than oranges and more B vitamins than any other fruit. These scientists discovered a hitherto unparalleled potential in minerals and trace elements as well as many other vitamins and other known and previously unknown vital substances.

Vitamin and nutrient giant
The goji berry is one of the most nutritious fruits ever. In the belonging to the wolfberry plants berry can be alone 19 amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E and 21 trace minerals detected.

For some time you know here zulande of the health benefits of the Goji Berry:
* To lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
* To strengthen the eyesight and general muscle growth
* To increase the power and ability to concentrate
* To reduce the aging process (anti-aging)
Directions for use: about 30 g per day, children half
Storage: Store in a cool and dry
We deliver 1000g goji berries always 4x250g bags. So the berries stay fresh longer.

Good to know: Our Goji berries are naturally ungeschwefelt and there were no ionizing radiation used to preserve Also in the preparation of the above product no genetically modified products (genetically modified organisms - GMOs) and GMO derivatives were used..

Note: A visit to the doctor can not replace herbs and medicinal plants! Please take prior to consumption to contact a doctor you trust to avoid potential side effects of drugs!

Your Evivital team, we love you naturally healthy.

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